Where can I recycle old computers?

Centrally located in Reading, PA, we’ve been serving the business community for over 15 years with free pick up in PA, NJ, MD, & DE.

Electronic Recycling

Equipment that still has some residual value somewhere else in the world.

e-Waste Recycling

Equipment with little value or obsolete.

Hard Drive Sanitation

Destruction of all data on the hard drive using software based programs. This wipes the drive to Department of Defense (DOD) standards.

Hard Drive Destruction

Physical destruction of hard drive (not recommended).

Certificates of Recycling/Destruction

We collect your equipment and assume the title. No longer your responsibility.

Serial Number Collection

If necessary, we can collect/scan the serial numbers off of the units recycled

Recycle your used and outdated electronics in a responsibly way with EZCP Recycling! With our free pickup service in all of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, we make electronics recycling fast and easy!

We lease our trucks from Penske Truck Leasing due to their reliability and service. The trucks are kept clean and our professional drivers are always on time and courteous.

Since only the driver is sent to your location, we ask for help to load the equipment onto our trucks. This is to keep costs down for both the customer and us.

We then transport your old computer to our computer recycling center in Reading, PA for safe and secure disposal. Recycle your old computer parts with EZPC Computer Recycling.