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What we do ?

Computer Recycler of Eastern PA opened its doors in late 2005.  Since then we have always kept up to date on the most recent regulations and processes.  We also completed the R2 certification that has strict rules on where retired electronic equipment is processed and how it is disposed of or recycled.  Strict processes are put into effect with this regulation and we as a company only had a few minor tweaks that needed to be addressed.

About 90% of our employees have been with us since we opened our doors back in 2005 so our employee turnover rate is extremely low.  A personal relationship can and has been formed with many of the IT and maintenance personnel.

We lease our trucks from Penske Truck Leasing due to their reliability and service.  The trucks are kept clean and our professional drivers are always on time and courteous.  Since only the driver is sent to your location, we ask for help to load the equipment onto our trucks.  This is to keep costs down for both the customer and us.

Customer service is second to none.  Customers always come back to us for their recycling needs for years upon years.  Bending over backwards for customers is necessary sometimes and we do what we can to satisfy the customers’ needs. We understand that not everyone has the same schedule and we work around that.

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